Clean Beauty: Where to Start

clean beauty

I’ve recently started cleaning up my beauty routine.  Over the years I’ve read about questionable ingredients hiding in popular beauty products, but I’ve never taken action and actually made a change.  Partially because it felt like an “all or nothing” kind of thing.  But it doesn’t need to be.  Just like with other health choices, a little bit of a change is better than no change at all.

If you’re thinking of exploring safer options, I would recommend swapping out products as you run out of them.  I started with deodorant, shower gel, and shampoo & conditioner.  Lavanila makes an awesome healthy deodorant that leaves out the aluminum and parabens and smells AMAZING.  It’s a great time of year to try out a natural deodorant and skip the harsh anti-perspirants for at least a few months.

Acure is a line of haircare that I discovered at Whole Foods, and I have really loved using it.  It leaves my hair clean and soft, and it smells wonderful.  I love that it costs about the same as the drugstore brands!  If you’re a Thrive Market shopper, you can find it on there for under $6 a bottle.

Beautycounter is a line I discovered through my friend Kristin, and I started by trying their shower gel.  I was coming off of using a popular drugstore brand that gave me an itchy rash (yuck!) so this one felt extra luxurious.  It smells incredibly fresh and light, has a nice rich lather, and it soothed away my rash from the other shower gel that shall remain nameless.

As I learned more about this company and tried more products, I became totally hooked.  Not only do they make beautiful, safer products that work, but they are also working to change the industry and get safer products into the hands of everyone.  Definitely a cause I can get behind.

So, full disclosure—-I just became a consultant.  I am all about this company.  I’ve started using their skincare and makeup, and I am SO happy with them.  Everything just feels so clean and fresh.  My skin feels amazing, and the cosmetics perform just as well as what I used to use, but I can feel better knowing that there are no icky ingredients hiding in them.

My next quest is to find safer nail color options that still perform well and come in good colors.  Not an easy task!


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