Life isn’t always sunshine and rainbows, but I try to appreciate the beauty in each day.  This is my little place to share the lovely and happy things, including (but not limited to) my family, favorite recipes, projects, style and beauty ideas.

Family & Home

Alex and I were married in 2013 and bought our current house a few months later.  It needed a LOT of work.  We’ve been slowly working through our own extreme home makeover ever since, and are currently in the midst of our master suite renovation which includes a bathroom that is bigger than our son’s bedroom.   Leo was born in August of 2014, and he’s such a funny little guy!  We’re pretty obsessed with him.


I LOVE baking.  And I married quite possibly the pickiest dessert eater I’ve ever met.  Alex likes really crispy cookies (chocolate, oatmeal raisin, or sugar) and Sour Patch Kids.  That’s it.  The upside is that he won’t swipe the most photogenic cupcake before I’ve photographed it.  The downside is…I have to eat a lot of the baked goodies myself.  Wait, that’s not really a downside.

Crafts & DIY Projects

As a former textile and apparel design major, I like to make things.  Sometimes they turn out picture perfect and pinterest-worthy, and sometimes they don’t.  I promise to only share the good stuff.

Style & Beauty

I’m a merchandiser for chloe + isabel, and I love jewelry and accessories.  You can shop my online boutique here.

I do my own nails a LOT because I am still in search of the perfect topcoat to keep them from chipping on day 3.  I wish my style could be described as “model-off-duty”… but to be real it usually looks a lot more like mom-on-duty.  And I’m ok with that.